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     Blood Donors Registration

We request you to kindly fill up this form to become a Blood Donor today. Of course, blood cannot be manufactured, it has to be donated. Remember, you’re somebody’s type !

Fields marked with an * are required

I authorise the website to display my name and telephone number, so that the needy could contact me, as and when there is an emergency.

NOTE : All Voluntary Donors are warned of likely misuse of blood donated by them at the hospital with or without the knowledge of the hospital management. As a responsible citizen/voluntary blood donor, we request you to keep a watch on such people and hospitals. Donors must inform the CHIDAMBARAM ONLINE team members/coordinators of such areas in case of any doubt.
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Different Blood Types: 

O−, O+, A−, A+, A1-, A1+, A1B- , A1B+, B−, B+, B1-, B1+, AB−, AB+, A2B-, A2B+


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